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07/28/10 10:16 PM #3    

Robert Richards

This is going well, eh?

07/29/10 12:40 PM #4    

Patrick Kilker

OK  then --  how's this to get things going  --  it is my understanding that, as our Class President, McCarthy will be buying the beverages for his classmates over the Reunion weekend.  Personally, I think that Tim is a hell of a guy for doing such a thing for us all.


07/29/10 08:21 PM #5    

Tim McCarthy

All beverages for all alumnae...........except Bobby Richards.  ;-)

08/22/10 09:55 AM #6    

Joseph Rich (Rich)

Why don't we set a time to meet at the chat site--say sundays at 7pm.


08/23/10 10:12 PM #7    

Constance Lachey

Hi!!!`Can't wait to see who ever and some I see when Icome home!!!!????? Can't believe it is 10 years x 4????? See all soon XOXO Connie

08/31/10 11:35 AM #8    

Patrick Kilker

I think the best time to schedule discussion on this site would be about 11:30 p.m. on a Saturday evening. This would, in my most humble opinion, promote an abundance of candid communication.

09/10/10 03:21 PM #9    

Patrick Kilker

Wait a minute --  the Reunion is THIS weekend ? No way. Why the heck didn't they have some sort of clock on the website ticking down the days, hours and minutes so I could be sure when the thing was supposed to start.  Talk about irresponsibility.


09/13/10 09:47 AM #10    

Patrick Kilker

What a BLAST the Reunion was --  all thanks to Tim McCarthy and the Reunion Committee members. Thank you for all your time and hard work --  it is really appreciated. What a great party.  So, anyway, when's the next one, cuz I can't wait...............  

09/13/10 07:37 PM #11    

Deborah Forinash (McElroy)

I can't believe it's over already.  I'm still smiling.

Thanks so much to Tim for keeping us on the straight and narrow (as well as the extra wine after the bar closed), Mary Ann for handling all the details, Sister Stephanie for the Mass, Mary for the great music and Joann for the fun decorations, sweets and door prizes. 

I really hope that we can plan to celebrate our 60th birthdays in 2012.  Now that we have reconnected I really don't want to wait until 2015 to meet again.

09/15/10 01:42 AM #12    

Carl & Lois Ruskai Melina

Thanks to everyone on the committee for the great arrangements, and to everyone who showed up to make it such a special weekend.

09/17/10 12:07 AM #13    

Carl & Lois Ruskai Melina

Since we're really not one and the same (Lo and I) I wanted to register my appreciation for a terrific weekend. It was so good to experience everyone at 58 while seeing glimmers of them at 17.  Sorry I couldn't recognize anyone.  As I realized the problem I got more flustered and it got worse. I should have done more homework. That always worked for me in high school. I regret that we probably will never have exactly that experience again, but I hope that some reconnections as a result of the reunion will turn out to be fun.  Carl

09/19/10 01:02 PM #14    

Beth Howe (Pandora)

My husband Gary and I enjoyed the reunion.  It was great seeing everyone and I especially liked hearing about everyone's families.  Tim McCarthy and the entire committee did a fantastic job in organizing this wonderful event.

09/19/10 06:12 PM #15    

Veronica Roskovics (Miller)

The reunion was a great way to spend last weekend.  Seeing old friends and cathching up on a "FEW" years gone by was great.  The committee really did an excellant job(so good maybe they'll do it again).  One thing we talked about doing Sat. night was having a sheet for cell numbers or email addresses.  Never got around to doing that.  Maybe we can still come up with a mass address list so we can try to stay in touch.  Some of the classmates don't have computers, so a number or other address would be nice to have.  I'm willing to help get it out there.  gain, thanks for a great time.


09/21/10 08:23 AM #16    

Frank Ross

Just wanted to add our belated 2 cents....the reunion was great fun and it was great to see everyone.  Thanks to the committe for such a great job.  Looking forward to the 60th birthday celebration.  Frank and Jo Ann

09/24/10 02:24 PM #17    

Pamela Bucci

I just finished viewing the reunion pictures.  I think this was the best one so far.  We definitely get better with age....It was so great connecting with everyone again and talking about the good old days.  I am looking forward to having a big 60th Birthday Bash with everyone.  Time passes so quickly it will be here before we know it!!!!! Thanks to the committee for a wonderful job of planning.  Blessings to all.   Pam

09/25/10 05:22 PM #18    

Frances Heidrich (Butcher)

I agree with Pam. Age gets better with wine!

10/08/10 08:37 PM #19    

Carl & Lois Ruskai Melina

October 6, 2010

Teresa M. Nelson

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Teresa M. Nelson, age 58, of Minneapolis, Minn., died Friday, Sept. 24, 2010, at North Memorial Medical Center, Robbinsdale, Minn.

She was born Dec. 9, 1951, in Ashtabula, the daughter of Robert and Flora Nelson. Teresa attended St. John High School and was a graduate of Cleveland State University. She moved away from this area over 40 years ago, living in Cleveland and the Minneapolis areas.

Teresa worked as a security guard at the Hennepin County Library in Minnesota.

She is survived by her mother, Flora Nelson of Ashtabula; and brother and sister-in-law, Victor and Margaret Nelson of Auburn, Ala. She also leaves behind her Bull Terriers, Dimples and C. J.

Her father, Robert Nelson preceded her in death in 1993.

Memorial Services will be held 10:30 a.m., Saturday, Oct. 9th, in the Chapel at St. Joseph Cemetery, Carpenter Road, Ashtabula, with Deacon Donald Johnson, of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, presiding. No calling hours will be observed.

Memorial contributions may be directed to the Rescue & Welfare Trust Fund of the Bull Terrier Rescue Trust, (RWTF of the BTRT), P.O. Box 44, Kendall, N.Y. 14476-0044.

The Jefferson Home of FLEMING & BILLMAN FUNERAL DIRECTORS, INC., 49 W. Jefferson St., Jefferson, is handling arrangements.

10/28/10 12:53 PM #20    

Patrick Kilker

Terry was a friend of mine during our St. John days. She played the tuba in the band, not inconsistent with her free-thinking ways and her gentle, fun-loving spirit.

Requiem aeternum dona ei, Domine,

et lux perpetua luceat ei,

et requiescat in pace.

12/16/10 03:05 PM #21    

Patrick Kilker

Below is a list of some of  the students who started with us in the Fall of 1966, but who left along the way before graduation. Can you think of anybody else?


Richard Ales

Paul Campagna

Jim Mahoney

Sara Picard

Dennis Platz

Ann Potokar

Marie Potokar

Carl Startsman



05/06/11 08:08 AM #22    

Patrick Kilker

Dear Herald Class of '70:

Mike Gowday has sent us the following report concerning Richard Ales, one of our lost brothers from the Herald Class of '70. As you will recall, Richard began with our class in the Fall of 1966, but then, inexpicably and without fanfare, flew the coop in 1967 after our Freshman year and has never been heard from again. (You know, kinda like a lot of our classmates wish Kilker would have done back in the Fall of 1966.)Here is Mike Gowday's report - it is good to know that Richard is alive and well and living in Solon (where, word has it, he likes to go Bowlin'.

Mike's Report:

"One of the persons I work with is Jim Ales. He is the brother of Richard Ales. I noticed on our Class of 1970 website that you gave reference to our classmates who did not graduate with us. Jim Ales said that Richard: lives in Solon; has a 17 year old daughter; works in design for a company in Cleveland called Nat Gas(about running cars on natural gas); likes to sail; has a boat in Fairport Harbor. So, if you didn’t already know that about Richard, now you do."

Thank you, Mike, for that excellent report and piece of investigatory work. We will have to include Richard in our future Herald Class of '70 get-togethers.

Now, the rest of our classmates are challenged to follow this great example Mike has provided us, and focus on finding our missing classmates (listed below) who booked on us before graduation.

Below is a list of some of the students who started with us in the Fall of 1966, but who left along the way before graduation. Can you think of anybody else?

Richard Ales

Paul Campagna (Deceased)

Jim Mahoney

Sara Picard

Dennis Platz

Ann Potokar

Marie Potokar

Carl Startsman (Bruce McClimans stays in touch with Carl)

05/06/11 08:18 AM #23    

Patrick Kilker

Oh, and by the way, Classmates of the Herald Class of '70, word has it that the Reunion Committee (which did such a killer job on our 40th Reunion) is re-convening (kinda like the Cardinals in Rome when they elect a new Pope).

This time the Committee is putting together the plans for our:

"Herald Class of '70 Big 6-0 Birthday Bash"

I look forward to hearing soon from the Committe as to the date/place/etc. for the Bash because this B-Day is just too scary to go there alone......................


05/31/11 10:01 AM #24    

Joseph Rich (Rich)

Friends--my oldest daughter Angela is currently in ICU--Cleveland Clinic, with Liver Failure and Pneumonia--she is on a ventilator. Linda and I have twins--Prayers and anything else would be comforting. There is no prognosis we are living day to day.


06/01/11 05:46 PM #25    

Mary Ann Rozzo (Prugar)



My thoughts & prayers are with you & your family.

Keep us updated,


06/02/11 09:20 PM #26    

Pamela Bucci


You and your family will be in my prayers.



09/06/11 05:32 PM #27    

Pamela Bucci

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